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the ravings of an aspiring author

Brie Norvell
22 July
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This is going to be a friends-only writing journal. If you leave a comment and for some reason want to read my pointless drivel, then I'll probably friend you. I know I'm only fifteen, but I'm hoping to publish a book someday, and I need a place to gather and organize my thoughts, as well as flesh out characters.

The main genre will likely be romance, but I'm going to try to throw some suspence, action, and actual plot in there as well. I have a wide scope of interests and a large imagination, so who knows what I'll end up working on. I like to have a lot of projects going on at once so that I can feel really accomplished if I work on them. (wink) Not really. I just like to have things sitting on the back burner for if I get stuck or my interest wanes briefly.

So I guess that's all anyone needs to know at the moment. (waves)

i&apos;m a beach kitty!